VEX IQ robootikahariduse juhend

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VEX IQ robootikahariduse juhend pakub õpetajaile STEM lahendusi “kõik-ühes” töövihikuna. Sisaldab lihtsasti teostavaid ja võimsalt mõjuvaid STEM õppelugusid elust.

The VEX IQ Robotics Education Guide provides a solution for teachers searching for a standards matched STEM program as an all-in-one textbook. When paired with the VEX IQ platform it brings accessible, affordable, and powerful STEM lessons to life.

The Teacher’s Supplement provides a roadmap for educators and all of the necessary supporting materials, including a step-by-step means to confidently introduce STEM to students regardless of experience level.

Mapped to National Standards (STL, NGSS & Common Core)
12 Flexible Units of STEM Instruction
Designed for Elementary & Middle School Levels